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Follow your own path.... Reveal your potential... Live with inspiration
Do you know that we are all creative?
You can believe it or not, you are also creative. Creativity belongs to you and expresses who you are.  It’s time to believe in your creativity and to use its power in your life!
Creativity is not just the ability to create and imagine, but it is also the ability to get in touch with your inner resources to handle the various situations of life and to solve your personal challenges and to be able to see thing from another's point of view. It is the art of living a meaningful and unique life.

As a counseling studio, L’Atelier Creatività e Benessere promotes individual growth aimed at anyone wishing to develop their inner knowledge and their potential. Marianne Cordier, Counselor and Art Counselor, supports you in discovering your true potential and to expand your inner awareness to make your life more creative.

What we are doing at L’Atelier:
• Counseling and Art Counseling individual and group sessions and courses
• Workshops, events and training courses in Italy and abroad
• Extraordinary Experiences: providing discerning travelers with life enriching, exclusive, creative and authentic experiences  of Rome
• Creative experience gifts for you and your loved ones
• Creative Consulting services for business and private clients

After several years of professional experience related to the arts and communication, I created my own studio, L’Atelier Creatività e Benessere, with the vocation of enhancing the human potential and creativity in a unique project which integrates creative thinking, counseling and consulting, as ways for innovative solutions in our changing world. I want to not only offer you creative courses and counseling but to give you truly meaningful life experiences.

The red thread that connects all activities of L’Atelier is Creativity as a process, as a tool for innovation and personal growth and as a positive existential approach to life. I like the idea that my studio is a like a wonderful oak tree, with a main trunk that represents creativity, the branches that are the projects, the roots are deep down into the earth, with the crown that is raising to the sky, according to a natural creative process of transformation.
Marianne Cordier, founder of L’Atelier Creatività e Benessere


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